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Access Your PC from Anywhere - Working remotely - Windows XP

For Windows XP users select Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Communications >  Remote Desktop Connection.

When working in today's environment you may need to access and control your computer from anywhere. For example you can work on your office computer from home, easily and securely, with just an Internet connection, you can access and use your computer and files from hotels, airports, Internet cafes, email and other corporate resources after hours from any location connected to the Internet ... from anywhere with Web access.

You can access and use your office desktop as if you were sitting front of your PC.

You can use software as TimbuktuPro 2000 from Netopia or use GoToMyPC , or Netmeeting / Messenger (free with Windows OS)

Disabling the Windows Messenger service pop-ups will help prevent the possibility of spam.
To disable the pop-ups, follow these steps:
Click "Start", and then click "Control Panel". (You may need to click "Settings" before seeing the "Control Panel" option.)
Double-click "Administrative Tools".
Double-click "Services".
Double-click "Messenger".
In the Startup type list, click "Disabled".
Click "Stop", and then click "OK".

NT 4.0 Server to XP ok but error XP to NT 4.0 - Advice welcomed

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