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Recording - Mixing - Merging - Audio & Video

Sound Recording

To record sound you will need a microphone connected to your PC.
The default format is WAV (waveform)
A sixty second WAV clip will use between 1Meg to 1.5 Meg of disk space.
The Sound Recorder allows you to: Add Echo, Delete Parts, Insert another sound files, Overlay sound files, Reverse it, Increase or decrease its speed, change the audio format by converting it.

Sample Workflow:

Video Recording

To record video clips, your computer must be equipped with a Webcam, or you must first download the video from your digital camera.

Merging Video & Sound Clips

You will need a video and sound editing software unless you are using Windows XP. On Windows XP you can use the Windows Movie Maker application to merge and synchronize video and sound clips.
Recording narration, synchronize audio clips, Creating title slides and so on can be accomplished with Windows Movie Maker.

Sample Workflow:

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