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Broken or Interrupted Download - FTP

If your system OS id Windows XP (or later), it very simple to send a file to a Web server (if it uses Web Folders).
Start > My Computer > Other Places > My Network Places > Add a network place
In the Wizard give the necessary information to access your web server.

Consider using a Download Manager easy to use, fast FTP/HTTP for Internet Explorer (and Netscape Navigator).
A download manager will Resume Broken or Interrupted Download and will help during the downloading of Large Number of Files. These tools are necessary for people working remotely.

A software as WS_FTP Professional, (Windows Sockets FTP Client Application, and server) can help the FTP novice.

To use FTP on a PC:

Open a Command Prompt window (DOS Window), Type FTP, Once you have the FTP> prompt, type ? .

Try to not use popular Telnet, POP, or FTP programs unless passwords are passed in a strongly encrypted format over the Internet. SSH is the best substitute for Telnet and can also be used instead of FTP.

You may also need to know some basics about the TCP/IP, DNS server, Ping and other commands.
See the Windows Online Help for more information.
Search for "Command-line reference A-Z" in the Windows Online Help on your PC to get a list of all commands.

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