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Microsoft HTML Help Workshop:
Offer your users the help system they need. Easily create Help systems for your desktop and Web-based applications, including ..NET and Link your application and Help system with context-sensitive Help. Search Microsoft web site with Help Workshop keywords to download the easy to use product.

Hyper Text Markup Language. This markup language is used for web design and also to create help files.
Microsoft HTML Help consists of an online Help Viewer, related help components, and help authoring tools from Microsoft Corporation.
The Help Viewer uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to display help content. It supports HTML, ActiveX, Java, scripting languages (JScript, and Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition), and HTML image formats (.jpeg, .gif, and .png files).
Help authoring tool
HTML Help Workshop, provides an easy-to-use system for creating and managing help projects and their related files.

Basic Workflow:

Compilateur: html help workshop.
If you are used to WinHelp or Help Workshop:
Fichiers HTM equivalent of the RTF files used with WinHelp
Fichiers HHP equivalent of the HPJ files used with WinHelp
Fichiers CHM equivalent of the HLP files used with WinHelp
Fichiers HHC equivalent of CNT files used with WinHelp

For more information and to donload the HTML Help Workshop go to: Microsoft

Some keywords you can use to search topics: "HTML Help Workshop"

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