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How To Localize the Setup GUI and Deliver Localized Files Using a MST

You can change the natural language of the GUI of your setup and deliver the corresponding files for a certain natural language. To better understand this approach it is understood that the English language is delivered as any other language. So there is no difference in the way English, French, German, or Japanese is packaged. English is not treated differently than any other language. This approach allows to package any language after the original setup has been released or not. Also, using this approach there is no need to package all the languages at the same time.

If you do not know how to create a MST read the topic How To Create and Install A MST.

Transforms cannot modify any part of an installation package that is not in a database table, such as the summary information stream, information in substorages, or files in embedded cabinets.
But here is the Key: you can use different CABs for different languages in your setup. So all the files that are localizable are included in their corresponding CAB files (English.cab, French.cab, Spanish.cab and so on...)
So the goal of this process is to create a CAB file for each language.
In these CAB files all the localizable and localized files are compressed.
The tansform for each language will call the corresponding CAB file.
All the other files delivered with the product that do not require to be localized are listed in the Base MSI and their corresponding CAB files.
Installing the base MSI without the MST will deliver a partial installation because the localizable files are deliverd using the MST.

Work sequence to localize the delivery of a product using a MST

You are done!

List of Free Microsoft VB Scripts delivered in the MSI SDK:

WiSubStg.vbs - adds a transform or nested MSI as a substorage
WiGenXfm.vbs - generates a transform from two databases, or compares them
WiUseXfm.vbs - applies a transform to an MSI database
WiLstXfm.vbs - lists an MSI transform file (CSCRIPT only)

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