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Dominique Gerard Schneider  
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US citizen - previously French citizen





(English and French versions)

InstallShield IDE 2010, 2011, 2012
InstallShield Collaboration Tools versions 2010 to 2015
InstallShield Standalone Buid  versions 2010 to 2015
Cruise Control framework for continuous build
Strong knowledge on Windows OS Windows 10.
VB automation for Microsoft� Windows� Installer (MSI).
MSI MSM MSP Automation using Orca Windows Installer SDK
Basic knowledge on UNIX OS, Shell UNIX programming.
Microsoft PowerShell utilities development.
Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0.
Introduction to JAVA, VB scripts and ASP.
HTML programming & Microsoft HTML Help compiler
Parameter management for OS file system and hardware
Image scanning, processing and graphic editing proficiency
Paint Shop Pro image processing
Several web editors (ex: FrontPage, Word, office, Netscape)
Automatic Translation Systems as Transcend and Trados
Intergraph / Bentley MicroStation 2D and 3D
CD/DVD Release to Manufacture and Product Archive
Hardware and software installation
Microsoft Help Workshop
FTP Software, QVNet, and Remote-control software as TimbuktuPro and NetMeeting
Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0, 5.0, 6.0
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 4.0, 5.0, 6.0
Microsoft VC ++ and other C compilers proficiency
Microsoft Office - VBA - Advanced Word macro development
Veritas Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers DLT DELL PowerVault
Microsoft LocStudio 4.1 and Espresso 3.0a


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Customer Support
Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure
Intergraph Hexagon AB
Huntsville Alabama USA
Customer Support US / Canada / Mexico Regions (GeoMedia, GeoMedia Webmap, ERDAS)
Configuration Management
Hexagon Geospatial
Intergraph Hexagon AB
Huntsville Alabama USA
Automation of ISM Project Files in XML Format format with automated creation of DIM files.
Setup Engineer using InstallShield Premium IDE, SAB, and InstallShield Collaboration Tools.
Responsible for complete project delivery of the English version as well as localized versions.
Responsible for the development  of the packaging automation using straight VB and MSI technology without using third party software.
Responsible for the development of the localized packaging using straight VB automation and MSI technology without using third party software. Developer of utilities and tools to automatically output (MSI MSM MSP Automation using Orca SDK) the following tables for Microsoft� Windows� Installer: File table, Media table, Component table, CustomAction table, FeatureComponents table.
Developer of utilities and tools to automatically output (using the same directory structure) the following files for Microsoft� Windows� Installer (MSI): DDF files, CAB files, and RGT files.
Creator, designer, and developer of utilities and tools to automate L10NKit creation and interface compilation.
Developer of utilities and tools to automatically create and install (using Microsoft� Windows� Installer) the localization kit on the translator machines.
Creator, designer, and developer of a complete process to localize 15 applications remotely or locally in 9 languages.
Creator, designer, and developer of utilities and tools to validate and deliver a multi-language master-setup with the English version, and to deliver language packs on top of the certified English version in the local language.
Developer of utilities and tools to automate translation process.
Lead in the development of on-line help and computer based media to support in-house sharing of information related to newly developed Intergraph Mapping and GIS Products.
Assistant during the realization of the internal GeoMedia Development Website.
Configuration Management for all GeoMedia family products consisting in software development process environment regarding compliance with Software Configuration Management Principles: Software Version Control, Product Release Management, and Application Release Management, packaging and migrating product releases to various customer environments, final software release media for product delivery, develop and test product build and release procedures.
Responsible for the maintenance of all utilities used during the automated compilation GeoMedia products.
Compilation, patch-and-post, hot-fixes for GeoMedia products.
Responsible of the worldwide localization support for all regions during the process of translation and localization.
Responsible of the Release To Manufacture process for all mapping interfaces translated in foreign languages.
Responsible for the maintenance of the server for the GeoMedia Intranet site.
Programming in DOS, PERL, UNIX, Microsoft Visual Basic and VBA, Word macros.
Windows Servers System backups, file system folders maintenance, user and group administration, DLT PowerVault.
Windows 2000 for servers file system folders maintenance, user and group administration.
Hardware and software maintenance for internal servers and workstations.
Huntsville, Alabama USA (1990-1998) Intergraph Hexagon AB Corporation Localization Specialist / Senior Translator: Network management of UNIX workstations (CLIPPER).
Microsoft Word 97 macro creation.
Automatic translation system management DPTranslator under UNIX OS.
Automatic translation system management Transcend & Trados Windows NT.
Natural Language database maintenance for French speaking market.
Translation of CAD interfaces for Intergraph MGE, EMS, P-Arch, P-HVAC MicroStation, GeoMedia, DiskAccess, DiskShare...
Translation print-based manuals, online electronic documentation, and user training materials for products as MGE, EMS, P-Arch, P-HVAC, MicroStation, GeoMedia, DiskAccess, DiskShare...
Developer of utilities and tools with the goal to improve productivity in translation tasks for Intergraph products.
Translated HTML based documentation for web-based products, installation manuals, configuration guidelines, and user-guides.
Graphic editing and translation.
Minnesota USA (1987-1990) Minnesota USA Land Surveyor Minnesota USA. GPS and GIS surveys, Digitizing, Control Surveys for Aerial Photography, Construction and Utility Staking, Utility Surveys, Boundary and Topographic Surveys, Preliminary Plats and Final Plats, Property and Easement Descriptions, Land Title Surveys, Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Municipal Surveys.
Minnesota USA (85 - 87) Minnesota USA Self employed as English/French translator and 2D AutoCAD designer. USA Maintenance of Graco Inc. English French corporate dictionary using Weidner Communication Corporation software.
France (82-84) France - Paris Office and Archives Technician. For the international trade show Salon du Meuble de Paris.
France (78-82) French Air Force Armament & ammunitions Specialist Rochefort/Solenzara.


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USA 1998 Certificate of Achievement by the Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center.
USA 1994 Visual Basic Tool Development / Word Macro / Automatic Translation Systems management training
USA 1990 UNIX workstation training for manager Intergraph UNIX (CLIPPER)
MicroStation 2D and 3D on Intergraph UNIX (CLIPPER) training
Introduction to UNIX network management training.
Automatic Translation Systems management training - Transcend / Trados.
Windows Operating System training offered by ITTP Internal Intergraph Training Program. (see listing)
USA 1988 AutoCad Assistant Designer.
USA 1987 Occupational Proficiency Land Surveyor / Surveying Technology obtained at Hennepin County College in Minnesota.
USA 1985 High School Diploma obtained at Hennepin County College in Minnesota.
France 78-82 3 years Armament and ammunitions specialist in the French Air force. (Ecole de Sous-Officier M�canicien armement Base a�rienne 721 de Rochefort puis bas� � Solenzara).
Letter of congratulations from General Gagneux, Commander of Air Force Base 721 (March 13, 1980)
France 75-78 3 years proficiency diploma in sheet metal drafting in France.


Secretary Gurley Lions Club 2005 to present
Member of the MCHS Community Advisory Committee until 2010
Deacon & Elder at the Gurley Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Member - Friends of the Gurley Public Library
Member - Citizen For A Better Gurley
Gurleys & Paint Rock Valley Railway Company Founders' Club

Developer of the community web site for the town of Gurley Alabama

Sharing Technical Examples

Author / Creator of a software to maintain ASCII databases and manage terminology
Copyright 1996-97  DSCAN-UDM / DS-Utility

Author / Creator of software to assist during the translation of text, and HTML files with the help ASCII databases Copyright 1999  ASRTPro

Author / Creator of software to assist translation and localization Copyright 2001 Tradiciel


A very good knowledge of the American and French cultures
Organization and team work
Friendly and social
A very good adaptation capability
English and French spoken & written

I bring with me a strong knowledge in programming and tools development for software, and web site localization and globalization. As a Webmaster, I also have knowledge of web site publishing, multimedia, and web marketing. I would like to apply my experience in localization utility development and offer my consulting services to any company providing commercial and customized solutions worldwide.

Discussions and posts about my research and involvement in developing MSIs for Intergraph:

SelfReg table to register DLL and SCT files
Regserv32 register some DLLs fine but not SelfReg Table
Replacing Non-versioned Files User Data with companion files
New tools to Import VBS JPG - Unable to place file in stream - MSIDB
MSM Validation - ATL.MSM - Documentation
Remove registry info entries for all users in system or just current owner
ARPPRODUCTICON OK for XP not for W2K Add/Remove Programs
Msidb Command Line Folder Path MSI name limitations
Do NOT Associate Extension set flag file types as No Open in Verb Table
Property for All Users Shared Documents or CA?
File Hidden Attribute after installation - Source in CAB files
260 characters limit in shortcut's targets Windows not MSI/Setup Limitation


Aware that a simple page cannot reveal completely my personality and my skills.