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The yearly Gurley Christmas Parade
Participants are invited to make a float, drive a vehicle, or walk in the parade.
Pass this information on to anyone you know who would like to participate.
This is an all volunteer parade and we would like for everyone to participate.
Start and gather behind Madison County Elementary School in the parking lot.
PLEASE: Enter the school parking lot through the Gurley Pike entrance.

Our appreciations to the Lioness Club of Mount Maunganui in New Zealand for including Gurley in their newsletter.
Visitors are the heart of this web site. Nothing could be accomplished without them.
Published in the December 2001 Mount Maunganui & District Lioness Club 202i New Zealand newsletter
Published in the December 2001 Mount Maunganui & District Lioness Club 202i New Zealand newsletter.

This is a wonderful web-site for those who would like to find out more. Mount Maunganui Lioness Club
Lioness Clubs working towards a greater humanity... 

Members should represent the club in the community and participate in all community affairs when called upon. Community services of this club shall be financed primarily through public fun raising projects.

The purpose of this club shall be:

  • To cooperate with the Lions Club of Gurley, Alabama in carrying out its programs and activities.
  • To provide community services.
  • To unite its members in friendship, fellowship, and mutual understanding.

Membership in this club shall be granted to any female person who:

  • Each new prospective member shall be at least 18 years of age.
  • Upon sponsorship of a member of this club and approved of the club Board of Directors, receives and accepts an invitation to join and pays the required fees.

Standing Rules:

1. The Gurley Lioness Club shall meet at a designated place, voted on by the club, on the second Tuesday of each month.

2. Guest speakers and program participants who are non-club members shall be guest's of the club, and the Treasurer shall pay for their meal expenses.

3. Within the limits of the funds available, this club shall reimburse the Incoming President or Club- Designee attending meetings and/or conventions for registration and travel.

4. Reimbursement for expenditures authorize in these rules and or budget will be made by the Treasurer in accordance with club by-laws upon receipt of the itemized statement from member, supported were practical by receipts. Statements for meetings and convention expenses will be collected and tabulated by the Treasurer to determine extent t~ which payable upon priorities established in Rule 3.

5. Maximum amount of funds specifically budget for officers and standing committee chairman may be spent by these members. Only committee chairman may spend up to $25 per year without permission of the club.

6. Whenever any budget item is exhausted, the Treasurer will bring the matter to the attention of the President and appropriate action will be initiated to adjust budget items.

7. In case of the death of member or members' family (husband, child, mother, father), a memorial of $50.00 will be sent in that persons' name to organization they wish. If a member’s family is in the hospital, the Hospitality Chairman shall be responsible for sending cards.

8. You must be a Lioness in GOOD STANDING for one year before presenting a new member to the Lioness Club.