Legacy Information: Page created in 2004.
Petition against the Rock Crusher - Quarry & Mine of the M & N Corporation In Gurley Alabama

We the undersigned strongly oppose due to air and water pollution the effort that is underway to start a Rock Crusher & Quarry near the town of Gurley AL. We the undersigned urge the Gurley Town Council, Gurley Planning Comission, Madison County Board of Education, Madison County Commission, Rep. Albert Hall, Sen. Lowell Barron, U.S. Rep. Bud Cramer to vigorously let your voices be heard opposing such an effort. We feel that the risk of exposure to the dust that a rock crusher or quarry produces is a serious threat to the quality of life in Gurley, Alabama. We are aware that exposure to this airborne dust causes breathing complications to those suffering from various types of pulmonary diseases and could cause others to develop such diseases. We are aware that the excellent quality of naturally existing water sources still used by many of us for drinking, home, agricultural and recreational purposes would be sacrificed or greatly reduced by the accumulation of lime sediments. Therefore, we strongly oppose this effort to allow M and N Corporation to operate a rock crusher, quarry, or mine in the area surrounding Gurley, Alabama.

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