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Article from an issue of the Gurley Record. To view the full size pictures click on the desired pictures. This article was generously submitted by Bill Walker. Thank you Bill for sharing this newspaper article left in your care by your ancestors. To download the archived document sent by Bill select the Download Archive link at the bottom of the page.

Article Copied from the Gurley Record Newspaper, January 21, 1892

Gurley Paint Rock Railway Company RR Founders Stock Certificate
RR Founder's Stock Certificate
The full preliminary survey of the intended route of our new railroad was commenced last Monday. The northern section of the line is first being located from Gurley, up the Paint Rock Valley, right over the Cumberland Plateau and on to Winchester Tenn., a distance of about forty miles. After which the southern portion will be surveyed to the town of Deposit on the Tennessee River.

The commencement was made from the Memphis and Charleston Railway near the west boundary of the town, where the line will cross and connect with the M&C Railroad and running in a general north eastern direction pass to the north of our town some three hundred yards from the college.

Continuing through the land, owned by Capt. Gurley for about a mile the course then bears off to the southeast to avoid the mountain ridge some two and half miles from town; after rounding which, the line enters the Paint Rock Valley.

The full survey corps consists of the following: Samuel I. Wheatcroft, chief engineer; W. H. Calhoun, assistant engineer; Capt. E. F. Walker, transitman; J. F. Childress, flagman; Robert Givins, rodman; A. J. Hannah, front chainman; W. Hankins, rear chainman; Walter Givins, stake marker; M. H. Roberts, axeman; William A. Walker and F. B. James, other assistants. Capt. Frank B. Gurley is acting as general director of the party and T. P. Gurley as assistant. Several other gentlemen are accompanying the party.

Seldom has a more jolly party of men set out on an exploring expedition than the "merry" crew that left our town, in high spirits on Monday morning. The novelty and importance of the occasion attracted quite a number of spectators to witness the start; and the hopes of our citizens are beating high, in anticipation of the long desired railroad. Few companies can boast of their survey corps having more national representatives than the Gurley and Paint Rock Railway Company. It is not often we get an Englishman, a Scotchman, a Frenchman, and an American to constitute the principles of an undertaking similar to this and we congratulate Capt. Gurley on securing a competent corps. We learn from the chief engineer that the work has progressed satisfactorily to date, and we will give full particulars in due time.

Although the Gurley and Paint Rock Railroad was a dream for many Gurley residents at the time, it was never was built. Founder's stock certificates were issued but there was never enough money to build it.

Other news from the Gurley Record, March 10, 1892

Captain Elija F. Walker - 1894
Capt. Elija F. Walker - 1894
General John B. Gordon, commander, announces that the third annual meeting and reunion of the United Confederate Veterans will be held, in obedience to the resolution passed by the delegates at the last reunion, at the City of New Orleans on the 8th and 9th day of April next. All Confederate organizations and Confederate soldiers and sailors of all arms, grades, and departments are cordially invited to attend this third reunion of their comrades. Captain Frank B. Gurley - 1866
 Capt. Frank B. Gurley- 1866