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Legacy information: This web page was created in 2003 for the Gurley community.
Page created June 2003 to oppose M&N Corporation Gurley Community & Town History
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Thanks to Trish Perry, Billy & Celia Dear, Irene Schneider, Marti Stone, Wendy M. Hargrove, Robert Sentell, Tommy Tipton, Joyce Roberts, Marie Flynn, Citizens for a Better Gurley, K Perry, Stan Simpson, Ripple McMullen, and M L Stowe for their strong involvement and commitment to the town of Gurley! Thanks to all new residents involved in helping Gurley to be a better place! 2 mining permits are very sensitive because they give permanent important authorizations to the owners and future owners. Committee for a Better Gurley will not stop to fight. Topic started 04/15/2003 by Marti Stone and I & D Schneider.

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No Colonial Pipeline
Gurley's Citizens Are Against Rock Crusher, Quarry & Mine.
Vulcan Purchased Gurley Mountain Land targeted for Quarry.

Previously owned by M & N Materials Corporation

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On November 23, 2004, a deed transferring Gurley Mountain land from M&N Construction to Vulcan Lands was recorded in Madison County. This land, which was annexed into the city limits of Gurley in April of this year, is in the process of being zoned.
What you can do:

1. We urge you to attend an important Public Hearing at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, December 16 at the First Baptist Church on Joplin Street in Gurley . The Planning Commission has tentatively recommended R-2 zoning of the M&N Construction property (recently purchased by Vulcan Lands). All persons attending will be given the opportunity of being heard in opposition to, or in favor of, the R-2 zoning designation. Note that Vulcan representatives have been invited to the meeting, and it is expected that they will attend.

2. Encourage everyone to attend the meeting and address the Planning Commission about your concerns.

3. Put your "Stop the Gurley Mountain Quarry" Signs back up in your yard.

4. Help raise money for the legal defense fund by continuing to sell the Gurley Cookbook.

Fund Raising - Cookbook available!

Citizens for a Better Gurley is proud to offer a treasured collection of recipes from many outstanding cooks whose recipes have made this cookbook possible. The hardback book consists of 650 wonderful recipes. Called "Recipes from the Heart of Gurley" this cookbook will make an ideal gift or keepsake.
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To receive a copy today, call Ripple McMullen at 776-2925. The books are $15 each. Checks should be made payable to Citizens for a Better Gurley. The books may also be ordered by mail from 148 Maple Street, Gurley, AL 35748. For mail order, please send an additional $2.50 to cover the cost of mailing.

Picture montage: imaginary future look of the town - by The Dears
Picture montage: imaginary future look of the town - by The Dears You may have now a better idea of what we're in for if this quarry is approved!
You may have now a better idea of what we're in for if this quarry is approved!

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Below are listed in bullet format some information that we presently have identified through either applications submitted by M&N, current construction on the site, location of site or feed back from business or governmental agencies on certain points.

Information from their Application:

Information based upon location:

What can you do?

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How can I help?

Voice your opinion to the Gurley Town Council, Gurley Planning Commission, Madison County Board of Education, Madison County Commission, Rep. Albert Hall, Sen. Lowell Barron, U.S. Rep. Bud Cramer... Join the committee for a better Gurley, donate money to the cause...

Who is M & N Materials:
Brian McCord (McCord Construction), Charles Brian Nelson (Country Places, Inc).
Everyone can contact the local courthouses for more public knowledge and information.

You should be concerned if you know (concerns raised by Gurley's citizens) :

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