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I did my best to keep the previews as small as possible for users with slow connection. If network is slow, have patience... These demo applications will demonstrate Visual Basic automation and Windows Installer SDK (ORCA). Installations and Setups are created soley using Windows Installer SDK (MSI/MSM/MSP/PCP/CAB). These apps also demonstrate string manipulation using Visual Basic (VB6 SP5) for Localization and other needs. No Prerequisite needed - beside a PC and Notepad. The goals of my tools are to offer effective technical designs to give friendly alternative solutions to daily computer related tasks, and to reduce the footprint of the utilities to its smallest size possible.

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DSCAN - User Database Interface Preview

DSCAN - User Database Manager Interface Preview

DSCAN - Nucleus Interface Preview

DSCAN - Tools InterDSCAN - Tools Interface Preview

Translation Shareware Interface Localization Office Automation

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