Download DSCAN-Grep - Version 7.4.9 - Demo Release September 2008


Demo of DSCAN Grep

Version 7.4.9 - Demo Release 2008 - Only 350 KB

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DSCAN is completely safe to install on your system and it also includes an uninstaller.
If you don't like it, you can remove it from your hard disk within seconds.

DSCAN Friendly Productivity Tools

These demo applications will demonstrate Visual Basic automation and Windows Installer SDK. Installations and Setups are created soley using Windows Installer SDK (MSI/MSM/MSP/PCP/CAB). I will also demonstrate string manipulation using Visual Basic for Localization and other needs. No prerequisite needed - beside a PC and Notepad. The goals of my tools are to offer effective technical designs to give friendly alternative solutions to daily computer related tasks, and to reduce the footprint of the utilities to its smallest size possible.





This utility allows to do multiple instances of search-and-replace of strings into text files (HTML, SGML, GML, TXT, IDT, VBS, BAS, FRM, XML, INI...) located in a single folder. The number of lines that contain a the string and the lines will be displayed. Each file can be opened and edited on the spot; A  report (log) can be created on the spot.

Documentation / Manual / Help
F1 - Help A complete and detailed on-line help is accessible from any DSCAN dialog boxes. Just press the F1 key to get on-context help. Also, I will be glad to answer any of your questions, by e-mail, phone, or conventional mail.

Setup Packaging Technical Information

Setup Installation 100% Created using Microsoft Windows Installer SDK (No third party software used to create MSI - MSP - MSM)
  DSCAN Grep.MSI (Windows Installer MSI) 496 KB
Files Delivered File Name Approximated Size
DSCAN.chm 123 KB
DSCANGrep.exe 160 KB
License.txt 7 KB
perso.cfg (personal configuration preferences) 2 KB
Note I carefully scan DSCAN Utilities for viruses before posting them for download.

Download Demo of DSCAN Grep

Version 7.4.9 - ONLY 300KB

Download DSCAN Grep by clicking here then select Save As
See the EZ installation instructions

DSL Note:
It should take approximately 5 minutes to download about 1000 Kb using an average home DSL phone line.
Ignore your browser's estimate of download time. They are often notoriously inaccurate.

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