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File Compression / Decompression

As an independent worker you will receive files compressed in many different formats. You may have to decompress them, expand them or extract their content before being able to work.
.ZIP files are compressed with PKZIP, Winzip and so on... extract the files using PKUnzip, Winzip ...

.TX_, EX_, DO_, DL_, HL_ ... files are compressed using Compress.exe, expand the files using Expand.exe

.Z files (Install Shield Compressor) are compressed or decompressed with Icomp.exe

.CAB files (Microsoft Compressor) are compressed or decompressed with makecab.exe. Note: makecab.exe maybe found on your PC in the forlder: C:\WINDOWS\system32

To decompress WISE use the E_WISE 2000 3. 1 - WISE Setup unpacker.
For example:
E_WISE * WISE SETUP unpacker * Veit Kannegieser * 1999.12.19..2000.03.01
usage: E_WISE <WISE-SETUP-EXE> <target-directory>
C:\TMP>e_wise_d The_Wise_File C:\Extracted
The EWI files will be extracted into C:\Extracted
A batch file will rename the exttracted EWI files into their original names (for example: RENAME 00000033.EWI readme.htm)

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