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Add/Remove programs list

Usually, to remove a program from your computer, the user must open the Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog box. The user may encounter situations when it is impossible to remove the Software name from the Add/Remove programs list. For example this may occur during the testing of localized software and other setup processes.
The list of installed programs can then have non-removable items that are not really present on the computer. To remove a listed program name, which is not really present on the computer, you can follow the following workflow (Note that editing the Registry should be done by someone experienced with Regedit / Regedit32)
1.From the Start button, run Regedit.
3. Select Software
4. Select Microsoft
5. Select Windows
6. Select Current Version
7. Select Uninstall
This will give you a list of all the programs in your Add/Remove programs list
8. Highlight the item of the list in question and select delete
The entry is removed from the list.

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