Welcome to ContactEZ.net owned by Dominique Gérard Schneider Bilingual Senior Software Analyst and Setup Engineer with strong experience in:
  1. Numecent Cloudpaging native software delivery and deployment from the Cloud.
  2. Setup Engineer using Automation of InstallShield ISM Projects in XML format with automated creation of DIM files (Developer Installation Manifest) for distributed installation development. InstallShield Premium IDE, SAB, and InstallShield Collaboration Tools.
  3. Command-line shell scripting Windows PowerShell® DOS, Microsoft Visual Basic, VB Script, VBA, Word macros/automation.
  4. Cruise Control framework for continuous build integration using Perforce Client Source Code Management.
  5. Configuration Management and software installation using Microsoft Windows Installer SDK automation (MSI) and build automation.
  6. Experienced critical thinking for alternate debugging solutions
  7.  Multilingual Technical Dictionary, Text File Scanner and Manager
  8. Experience in Agile Methodologies and scrum processes
The purpose of ContactEZ.net is to provide essential information, and practical step by step guidelines to assist you in starting and developing a successful and profitable business or project
No gimmick. I have experience working with worldwide customers remotely from home or from my office in a bilingual English and French environment. I have experience in creating custom solutions since 1990
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