PETANQUE with Jacques Biaggini

Petanque with Jacques Biaggini in Florida USA

French Culture In USA Brings International Business Opportunities

French petanque clubs in Florida and Alabama

This Internet web site was created to support the long efforts of Jacques Biaggini along with retracing the apogee of the clubs La Joyeuse Boule and Les Pétancoeurs of the White House. As president of new clubs in Florida, Jacques extends his invitation to anyone who would like to come and join him. It is imperative that all world wide visitors realize the potential for rentability associated with the game of petanque in the USA. Jacques Biaggini, creator of US Petanque clubs spent a big part of his life promoting this French national heritage in the USA. Jacques undertakes one more time the task to create new petanque clubs, to promote an attractive image of a friendly France, and to rebuild the awareness in the hearts of the American people of a warm, pleasant, kind, and sociable French culture.

Because Americans are usually optimistic and trustful they offer a favorable market for a serious development of the petanque game in the USA. The return of the real French culture is visible in supermarkets, travel agencies, tourism... and must be supported in every possible way. It is now the best time to reintroduce petanque in the United States of America.

Petanque can contribute as a medium to promote the real image of France; an image of dynamism, friendly culture, forthcoming and warm people. These benefits are a representation of the real France, and more particularly of Provence; both being examples of quality of life and "plaisir de vivre".

For many years Jacques has been demonstrating how to play petanque in American schools
Presentation in school with French Teachers
Presentation in school of Baltimore
French Teacher: Christiane Pilollo

The task of promoting French culture can also be accomplish by helping French teachers in public and private schools, by starting clubs, by organizing national and international tournaments. The growth of petanque games in the USA is a project particularly educational because petanque can be used as one more way to teach French vocabulary and sentence building to students. Jacques spent time and efforts allowing a large number of students to become acquainted with the French sport of petanque.

The game of petanque is a social game
Washington DC Mall

One of the many ideas Jacques has is to organize presentations and tournaments of the warm Provencal culture with the help of American sponsors (venture capital) and other forms of financial support offered by French parties (expatriated French, French companies, subsidize...). The goal of these promotional events, presentations, and petanque training sessions could also be the medium for the promotion of French made products, the diffusion of French music and singers, the proliferation of the real French culture, and the growth of Franco-American relations. One could imagine an indoor "petanque" palace with a restaurant, shopping area, guest rooms and a camping on the banks of a shaded river.

Intégral is a French Manufacture of petanque balls
A young member wearing the Intégrale logo

The only problem in this project resides solely in the financial aspect. The supply of "boules de pétanque" is difficult and expensive. In the majority of the case this situation stops the possibility to train individuals. Also the problem is caused by the lack of support from petanque clubs located in France.

Intégral is a French Manufacture of petanque balls
Team wearing the Intégrale logo
Critical point of the game: Measuring

Jacques is always searching for voluntary trainers, financial support, and assistance form French teachers to revive his project that started so well and worked for so long in Washington DC USA. His desire is to create new clubs, to find new members, to create a new network of petanque clubs in the USA and more particularly in Florida.

For now Jacques wants to inventory and get in contact with French expatriated and Francophiles. His vision will only take effect if he is supported by new potential partners and financial sponsors. He needs you to lend a hand, because with you this French heritage will stay alive.

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