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Sorry! Gurley Girl Scouts troop 1302 - Closed 9-30-03

Let us know if and when the troop reopens.

We are helping, as much as we can, the Madison County High School band, the Gurley Lion club, and the Gurley Lionness club.

Let me know if you are aware of a local organization that needs sponsors or assistance

You do not need to go really far to help children.
Gurley Girl Scouts troop is a small local troop that needs your help.
Our local Girl Scouts troop needs your contributions.

Let's see if I can help bring you some more business with some of my promotion methods and contacts, drop me a line telling me a bit more about you, who your target market is, your products or services.

The webmaster of the Gurley Community & Town History is strongly supporting the Gurley Girl Scouts troop.
The webmaster of the Gurley Community & Town History is strongly supporting the Gurley Girl Scouts troop.

To all persons donating significant contributions to the Gurley Girl Scouts troop:

  • Free one year listing for businesses on the Gurley Community & Town History web site, one year listing of ads for homes for sale or rent, free advertisements for any other business related projects, free on location support (Gurley and the surrounding area only)...

Thanks for your support!
Thank you for supporting the Gurley Girl Scouts troop.
Your donation gives an opportunity to earn money for program activities, for special events and projects and for purchasing or renting equipment.


Supporters, Helpers

The challenges imposed on the world by the new conditions require our children to be prepared to respond to the demands of the 21st century. Language proficiency, multicultural knowledge, physical, mental, emotional challenges, will make the difference for our children. They must set high standards and stand up for what they believe in. We need to help them build character, to train them to be participating citizens, and develop personal fitness. We must teach our children moral and ethical values through programs that bring challenges. You are invited to visit Free computer classes, Multicultural Exploration, Help children in Gurley, Free support ...

For more information about the Girl Scouts go to:

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