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Brass Section Specialist Saxophone Specialist Vincent Schneider Alexis Schneider AAA Piano Repair

Listing of local artists talented authors, composers, singers, recording studios, all located around Gurley Alabama. Jody Stiles Brass Section Specialist, Cathy Stiles Saxophone Specialist, Erica Suh Piano Performance, Wendy Hogan Flute Instructor, Woody Johnson Piano Technician Recording Studio, Jim Skelton, The Alabama Blues brothers, Nikki Kirby, Leon Venerable, Microwave Dave & The Nukes, RiversBend Quartet. If you have a band, if you are a singer, an artist, or other talents that you want to advertise we will be glad to post your information.

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Jody Stiles
Brass Section Specialist

Cathy Stiles
Saxophone Specialist

Woody Johnson
Piano Technician and Recording Studio


four days late waiting
for days late waiting christian rock

Jim Skelton
Stargate Studio is a completely digital state of the art facility. With experienced engineers that really know their jobs; they can help you add a new dimension to the aspects of the business you know inside and out. When you have a studio and an engineer you trust, you can feel free to perform or produce at your best. This trust in Stargate Studio and its staff, along with the comfortable, friendly atmosphere, is why artists come back time and again.

Lost Keel Mountain Gold
Guitar and Vocal: Dan Sachs
Dan has written over 120 songs, which range in subjects from love to political satire and protest, to history, and to nature.
Accompanying Banjo: John Talbott
Music and Lyrics written by William Walker
Copyright 2005

Alabama Blues Brothers
Specializing in making your corporate or festival experience "One To Remember!"

Leon Venerable

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Microwave Dave & The Nukes (Goodnight Dear):
Godfrey, Reed, Gallaher, Boyer, McDaniel, Nicholson, Williams, Smith, Pomus, Robillard, Hutto

Support Gurley's singer Microwave Dave & The Nukes

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Nikki Kirby (All Over Me):

All Over Me
Already Over You
Bruised But Not Broken
You Didn’t Burn That Bridge
A Good Day For Good Bye
Support Gurley's singer Friday Night In The Big Town
Weren’t You With Me
If Your Heart Can’t Do The Talking
We Have Each Other
From The Page Of A Poet

All Over Me 1998 Sonata Records, Inc.
Nikki Kirby fan club PO Box 246
Gurley Alabama 35748

Long time supporter of the
Dixie Chicks
Don't shut up and keep singing!
Freedom of speech
Exercising their right of free speech even if being blacklisted by corporate America

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