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ASCII Databases can be used to manage all type of information, it does not have to be language related. Here are some examples of project's terminology, creation and management of ASCII industrial glossaries, and English/French technical lexicon for translators and multilingual users.

Mécanique automobile

Moteur à essence


Gas Engine

Moteur à essence Gas Engine
Moteur à essence Gas Engine

Angle de déviation

Land Surveying

Deflection Angle

Gisement et azimut Bearing and Azimuth




Automatic Natural Language Translation System
Terminologie informatique - Microsoft glossaries
Support Technique - Création d'utilitaires
Free code examples on Google Groups - Posted code since 1996/04/05 - Renewed 2003-09-16

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Configuration Management Localization Office automation tools and industrial glossaries for translators and multilingual users. Automation and localization tools for Windows Installer Packages (MSI) and automated creation of IDT files for packaging processes, ASCII User Database Manager utility, and Automatic Search and Replace Text module for HTML and Plain Text files.