Support the government, judges and police officers in their effort to establish a clean American society. Support preventive actions. Be active in your community to prevent all forms of immoral actions. Increase the interest in all forms of community prevention. We do not pretend to have the answers, but we know exactly the effects of poor prevention. These measures would have prevented the unexpected assault my family and I had to live. Silence is complicity. If you do not want to be complicit with the crimes currently being committed, then silence is not an option.

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Prevention, Ethics, and Morality in USA
Because Gun control is not the answer

In the best interests of the United States

An education of violence
Cutout from the Huntsville Times August 1996

If we do not want our hands soiled with innocent blood, we cannot not be silent and we must enforce morality at all levels. The nation's record prison population provides only temporary relief and imprisonment takes effect after the crime has been done, so we must double our efforts in preventive measures in all communities.

We do not pretend to have all the answers, but we know exactly the effects of poor prevention.
In innumerable cases, the assaults would of been prevented if people close to and around the deranged firearm owner would of acted accordingly.
In our case, the people who knew that she was insane did not prevent the assault.
They left her with access to a firearm, ammunitions, and did not check if she was taking her prescribed medicine.

So if you know or think about other preventive measures that can be applied without infringing upon others safety, talk to your personal circles about it.

Irene N. Schneider Violent Crime Victim
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