We were very lucky. And we thank God for it every day since. Even though I have major permanent damage and disability along with continuing pain, we by chance did not loose a member of our family to the hands of an insane firearm owner. It is miserable to use the word lucky in relation with being assaulted and shot by an insane gun owner in the supposedly most advanced society on our planet. These pages were created and are maintained by a family victim of a violent crime. We support and defend the humanitarian, social principles, and rules of conduct described on this site. Even though we are victims, my family and I are not supporting to forbidding guns but we need to implement Sane Gun Laws and expose mental health responsibilities.

Justice For Injured Working Americans
We ought to deal with gun violence constitutionally and stop the politicization of all the tragedies

Workplace Shootings - A reality for many of us!

Even if I were armed, there was nothing I could have done!
The system implemented by our lawmakers failed to protect us.
We cannot allow any more repetitive failures.
We should foster a spirit of generous consideration among peoples of the world and promote good government, good citizenship and moral welfare.

As a Gun violence victim I says that Gun Control is not the answer it is only a non sense liberal narrative. Marco Rubio stated rightly in December 2015 that it took the left just a few hours to start manipulating the attack in San Bernardino for their political purposes, and Marco Rubio has been hammering home the most obvious problem with this: The proposals Democrats have been pushing would do nothing to stop mass shootings, let alone terror attacks like the one in San Bernardino. They would, of course, restrict law-abiding American's rights.

School Shooting at Discovery Middle School Madison Alabama

University of Alabama Huntsville Shooting

We thank God every day for saving the life of the mother of our household. But we also think about other victims that were not so lucky. We think about future victims, about other situations, in other locations across USA.
We implore you honorable lawmakers and judges: Do it the way you think is correct, but do it right, and do not fail to protect innocent people anymore. Too many recurring failures have already occurred.
We must be certain to come up with the correct answers to all violent assaults committed against all law abiding citizens. Armed or unarmed, we are all supposed to be equally protected.
The imprisonment approach is fine and helps tremendously, but the huge drawback is that is takes effect after the crime has been done. We are witness of this.
We must be certain to prevent crime and to protect future innocent people against all forms of attacks. Reactive actions and imprisonment do not help against the insane, the drug addict, and other members of society that do not care what happens to them. I hold the leaders and members of special interests as responsible as the criminals. God will deal with all of them later like he always did with oppressors.

The horror of violence in USA in the name of freedom
Cutout from the Huntsville Times August 1996

American violence
Cutout from the Huntsville Times August 1996

Guns in the wrong hands
Cutout from the Huntsville Times August 1996

An education of violence
Cutout from the Huntsville Times August 1996

I don't feel safe in America any more knowing that the US Postal Service has no duty to provide adequate security for post office customers nor their own employees. For example, the ruling in Hughes v. US, 95-3584 said that the postal service, since it set no standards for public safety on its property, can not be held liable for any failure to provide a safe facility. I think often of job positions I won't be allowed to have anymore, the loss of wages, the many opportunities missed, my career goals gone, not being able to pay for my 4 children's schooling/college. I understand the people that give up from the lack of help. I was only working to support my family. Why should we be the ones to continue to suffer? All violent crime victims' domestic Tranquility is not insured and all violent crime victims' general Welfare is erased forever.

Mail box
Cutout from the Huntsville Times August 1996

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As nations rise in war
As governments oppress the poor
As passive people turn and look aside
In silence
We crucify.
We crucify.
As indifference forms the pattern of our lives,
As hungry children cry for food,
As widows mourn alone in empty rooms,
In apathy-
We crucify.
We crucify.
-Marilee Zdenek

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